ABC Wagering

Basic Features

Advanced Features

ABC Wagering is a quick and efficient way for handicappers to maximize their opinion on multi-race wagers. It is based on Steven Crist’s book “Exotic Betting” and allows you to quickly input your selections and make complex bets.

Unlike other versions, AmWager’s ABC Wagering is built directly into the wager pad allowing fast and efficient input of your selections, one click wagering and tracking of all wagers throughout the AmWager system. As always, AmWager delivers a more fluid user experience for players.

The basic premise of the ABC ticket structuring methodology is:

Every race will have some runners that are the most likely to win, these are your “A” runners. Then there may be a few runners that have a chance, but not as good as the “A” runners, these are your “B” runners. Lastly there may be one or two runners that given perfect circumstances could win, these are your “C” runners. If you take all of your selections and bet a straight ticket, you’re not properly weighting your opinion and you are essentially saying every horse in the sequence has an equal chance of winning, which your handicapping acument should tell you is just not the case. The ABC system maximizes your opinion within your budget, allocating more funds to your “A” combinations than the others.

AmWager makes it extremely easy to use ABC exotic betting. Simply choose your track, race and pool, then pick the “ABC” bet type. You can now easily input your selections directly in the wager pad. One click on a runner will make them an “A”, two clicks a “B”, three clicks a “C”, a fourth click will then clear the selection.

ABC Selection

Once you have entered your selections in all legs you can click the “plus” button just right of the total cost to see ALL combinations and amounts that will be placed.

ABC Bets

Should you wish, you can submit certain categories of bets and leave the others. Please note if you individually submit bets, they will not be tracked together. If you send all ABC wagers at the same time they will be tracked throughout the system as a singular ticket allowing you to judge your performance and profitability a bit easier.