Kentucky Downs

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Kentucky Downs

Kentucky Downs is a horse-racing track in Franklin, Kentucky, United States. It opened in 1990, at Nashville Road.

History of Kentucky Downs

1990 – Ron Winchell and Marc Falcone opened the Kentucky Downs as Dueling Ground Racecourse on April 22, 1990.
1992 – The track conducted only steeplechase races in its first year but removed the fences and switched to flat racing. The first meet featured Dueling Grounds International with a purse of $750,000 that remains the richest in American steeplechase history. It was also utilized as a concert site and a bingo hall.

1997 – The track was purchased at auction by Turfway Park, Churchill Downs, and other investors. Turfway took over day-to-day management of the facility, having some of its existing staff do double duty at the new track. The name was changed to Kentucky Downs to remove the stigma attached to the Dueling Grounds brand under its previous mismanagement.

2000 Steeplechase racing returned with a Grade II event and traditional flat racing.

2001 – The track returned to flat racing only.

2007 – A partnership led by investors Corey Johnsen and Ray Reid agreed to purchase 85% interest in the track in March 2007.

2008 – The track again resumed steeplechases.

2009 – The Horseplayers Association of North America introduced a rating system for 65 Thoroughbred racetracks in North America, in which Kentucky Downs was ranked #2.

2011 – Kentucky Downs introduced Instant Racing, a hybrid between slot machines and pari-mutuel wagering, where bettors play at a terminal using historical racing data and video on September 1, 2007.

2019 – The racetrack was acquired by Kentucky Racing Acquisition LLC in March 2019, making Ron Winchell (of Tapit fame) and Marc Falcone the current owners and managing partners of the track.


It is a Thoroughbred horse racing track with a European-style course. The name originated from the history of the Sandford Duncan farm, on whose property the track was located. The farm was the site of numerous duels in the 1800s because dueling was illegal in Tennessee but not Kentucky.

Track Details and Other Facilities

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Race Schedule and Major Events & Races

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Kentucky Downs


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