Rosecroft Raceway

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Rosecroft Raceway

Rosecroft Raceway is a horse-racing track in Fort Washington, Maryland, United States. It opened in 1949, at Rosecroft Drive.

History of Rosecroft Raceway

1947 – In September of the year, a meeting was held about bringing a harness racetrack to Maryland, and Rosecroft was chosen as the site.

1949 – Racetrack was opened on May 26, 1949, and a day after, it held its first night of racing on May 27, 1949, and became Prince George’s County’s political and social center.

1954 – The track’s ownership has been passed on from William E. Miller to his son John Miller

1969 – Earle Brown assumed the ownership due to the death of John Miller.

1980 – William E. Miller II assumed ownership of the track when Earle Brown changed its position in the track.

1987 – Mark Vogel purchased the track, a Maryland real estate agent. However, it failed to handle the racetrack properly and could not entice more players, hence the decreased attendance. It is due to focusing more on his real estate business and neglecting its duty for the track. He even extracted money from the betting pools and utilized it for his real estate business.

1990 – Vogel was arrested when cocaine was confiscated from him, and his company went into bankruptcy.

1991 –Weisman’s Colt Enterprises purchased the track. However, a fire broke out the same year and ruined the grandstand.

1993 – The grandstand that was destroyed by the fire was reconstructed.

1994 – In September 1994, Weisman’s family managed the track when he died from pancreatic cancer in Los Angeles. However, they could not afford to operate the track and only hoped to sell it.

2000 – Cloverleaf purchased the track and attempted to sell it multiple times, unfortunately to no avail.

2002 – In mid-2002, several interested buyers emerged, yet Cloverleaf was involved in lawsuits. Hence, it brought disappointment to the potential buyers and canceled their plans.

2009 – Cloverleaf Enterprises filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June 2009. Mark Vogel tried to purchase the track again, but a bankruptcy court judge denied the approval.

2010 – In early June 2010, Cloverleaf filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and shut down on July 1, 2010.

2011 – The track was sold to Penn National Gaming.

2012 – A bill was introduced into the Maryland General Assembly, which authorizes a casino in Prince George’s County, signed by the Governor in August 2012 and was passed via referendum in November 2012.

2016 – In May 2016, ownership of the track changed again when the Stronach Group (current owner) purchased the track.

2022 – Rosecroft Raceway owner agrees to sell storied Fort Washington track.

Origins and Details

Its other name is “Raceway by the Beltway” for being close to Interstate 495, a harness racing track in Fort Washington, Maryland. The track is the former WE Miller Stables situated next to the Rosecroft Stock Farm, where horses were bred. William E. Miller, a horse trainer and breeder, founded the racetrack. It is the first raceway managed by horse owners, trainers, and jockeys.

Track Details and Other Facilities

Track Details

Other Facilities


Race Schedule and Major Events & Races​

Rosecroft Raceway Schedule

Notable Races

Location and Access to the Racecourse


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Rosecroft Raceway

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