Saint Cloud Racecourse or Hippodrome Du Val D’or

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Saint Cloud Racecourse or Hippodrome Du Val D’or

Saint-Cloud Racecourse is a horse-racing track in Saint-Cloud, France. It opened in 1901, at the Rue du Camp Canadien.

History of Saint Cloud Racecourse

1855 to 1860 – Napoleon III gathered with difficulty from many plots and lands of the plain of Fouilleuse to constitute a model farm for the private domain of the Emperor.

1871 – The farm was burned down during the fighting against the Prussians in January 1871. The State put the Fouilleuse estate and all its buildings up for public auction in 1898.

1898 – Edmond Blanc purchased the area by winning the public auction when the State put the Domaine de la Fouilleuse and its buildings up for sale. He is the heir to the Monaco Sea Bathing Society, deputy and mayor, and an important owner-breeder whose Jardy stud farm is a few kilometers away.

1901 – Three years later, a monumental stand, the weighbridge, and a race commissioner were established. Flower gardens, trees, and many flowerbeds were planted. The same year, the racecourse was inaugurated on March 15, 1901, at 1 rue du Camp Canadien in Saint-Cloud near Paris, France.

1905 – The consecration of this achievement comes during the visit of the King of England, Edward VII, on May 1, 1905.

1916 to 1919 – During World War 1, the site housed the No. 4 Canadian Stationary Hospital operated by the Canadian Army Medical Corps. On July 8, 1916, the No. 4 CSH was elevated to the No. 8 Canadian General Hospital and operated until decommissioned in 1919.

1921 – The facilities were built by politician and Thoroughbred owner/breeder Edmond Blanc (1856–1920), in whose honor the Prix Edmond Blanc was established in 1921.

1924 – The venue was also utilized for some of the polo events for the 1924 Summer Olympics.

1939 to 1945 – The races stopped again during the 1939-1945 war. Part of the lawn is recycled into vegetable gardens. Hence, it provided the local population with valuable fresh foods.

1950s – The grandstands were rebuilt.

1952 – Edmond Blanc’s successors sold the racecourse to the textile industrialist and owner-breeder Marcel Boussac.

1954 – The current tenant, the Société Sportif d’Encouragement, entrusted the architect Eugène Lizero with refurbishing the grandstand, paddock, ticket offices, stalls, and boxes. Only the training center and the owner’s home are spared.

1955 –  The new Saint-Cloud racecourse became more functional than aesthetics and was inaugurated in February 1955.

1974 –  It was sold to France Galop, which still holds the ownership until today.

1981 – The private training center and Edmond Blanc’s house were restored and transformed into a private sports club named “Paris Country Club”.

1992 – The government declared Hippodrome de Saint-Cloud an official Monument Historique.

About the Racetrack

The Saint-Cloud racecourse is also called the Val d’Or racecourse. It is listed as a historic monument for the guards’ pavilions, and also the carousel and the former farrier’s workshop.

Track Details and Other Facilities

Track Details

Other Facilities

Race Schedule and Major Events & Races​

Saint Cloud Race Schedule

Major Event

Group Race

Location and Access to the Racecourse


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Saint Cloud Racecourse or Hippodrome Du Val D’or

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