August 21st – Thrilling Picks Select Picks

Below are our selections that can be used to build multi-race wagers (doubles, PICK3/4/5). These horses fit custom models we built for today’s unique races.

We structure these selections as:

Must Use – horses with the best shot to win

Contenders – average horses which are the biggest threat to the must use

Stretch – these tend to be overlooked horses that have attributes that match past longshot winners, if budget allows, these can be helpful but also present higher risks


Must Use #2, 3

If either scratch we will substitute with #5

Why: best lifetime speed, best speed on fast track, inthemoney%

Must Use #10
Contenders # 4, 7

#10 Judi Blue Eyes has the earnings at this distance and speed advantages.

Must Use #1, 2
Contender #4

Why: avg speed best 2 of last 3 races, best speed at this distance

Must Use #8
Contender #7

Why: avg speed last 3 races, recent class, recent purses

Must Use #4, 5

Debut Runner #6

Why: Earnings

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