Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing bets are a tale as old as time. Human beings have been doing this for a long, long time. And even then, it’s still a hard thing to do even for the most experienced gamblers. The sport is just simply too open and unpredictable! But that unpredictability is what has made it possible for horse racing to become what it is today. 

Now, being a historical sport has many positives, one of them being that people have been going at it for centuries, making lots of mistakes on the way. These mistakes can be used in your favor to develop better strategies and achieve better results. 

That’s why there are a certain number of tricks of the trade that will yield better results, and at the same time, there are many things you should really be avoiding. Up next, we’ll go over some of them, the do’s and don’ts of horse racing betting!

The Do’s!

Odds are Your Friend!

Understanding odds is probably the first thing you should do if you’re interested in horse racing betting. After all, you shouldn’t always bet on a favorite. You have to mix it up! But you have to do it responsibly and smartly.

Think about having a healthy mix of outsiders and favorites to have a balanced wager card. Betting on outsiders might seem dumb at first, but it’s important to remember that favorites only win a third of the time!

Research Extensively!

Of course, you must be well aware of the horses’ form, performance on different types of tracks, and even the trainer’s form! Understanding these outside factors can lead to having a more successful time on a wagering platform.

The Don’ts!

Relying on Luck

As stated before, research is king when it comes to horse racing. While there might still be a chance you lose after your due diligence, the chances really slim down when you’re on top of everything related to horse racing.

Gamble Too Much

This is important because, after all, gambling is supposed to be a game where you and your friends are having fun. You must spend only what you can afford, and remember that betting is supposed to spice up races, not leave you broke!

The Bottom Line

There are many tips to be successful on horse racing bets, but the main one is to be informed and do your research. Thankfully, AmWager offers you unparalleled information about races, so you place your horse racing bets better informed.

With AmWager, you get faster bets, free live streaming on live races, and a fantastic user-friendly interface. If you want the best online legal betting experience, join us now!


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