The Power of Dutching

You have $20 to spend at the grocery store to buy three things to make a sandwich: bread, cheese, and meat. Would you take that $20 and divide it by three and spend $6.66 on each item, when the bread cost $1.99, cheese $3.49, and meat $6.99? The simple answer is no. Unfortunately, that is what you are doing when you are boxing your wagers.

When you box your selections, regardless of what the current odds are, you are essentially spending the same of amount on each selection even though they are at different odds. In other words, you are lowering your return on investment (ROI).

AmWager has a great tool that enables you to maximize your ROI and take the inefficiencies out of the boxed wager – it’s called Dutching.

The Dutching tool allows you to maximize your bet by spreading out your total wager amount and allocating a different dollar amount to each of your selections depending on their current odds.

A simple example: You have $50.00 to spend on an exacta. You have identified three horses that you believe have a shot to fill out the exacta. The #2 horse at 7-2, the #3 horse at 2-1, and the #4 horse at 13-1. You could box your three selections, which would be an $8 play on each combination.

Using the Dutching tool, AmWager would help construct your tickets to show the following combinations:

– $1 on the #4 over the #3 for a $103 profit
– $1 on the #4 over the #2 for a $102 profit
– $25 on the #2 over the #3 for $125 profit
– $1 on the #2 over the #4 for a $93 profit
– $20 on the #3 over the #2 for $120 profit
– $1 on the #3 over the #4 for $90 profit

Your ROI ranges from 84% to 108% using these combinations. Using the Dutching tool, you are maximizing every dollar that you bet. Now how does that sandwich taste?

For more information on dutching, please download AmWager’s dutching guide (a pdf file) or view the video above.

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