Wager by File Upload

Our file upload system is more robust than any other ADWs. Upload nearly unlimited amount of wagers per file fine grained control over your wagers and conditions.

  • The fastest file upload technology in the industry, capable of hundreds of thousands of wagers in a single file.
  • Immediate validation of all wagers in the file. 
  • File UploadThe ability to play the game at its highest levels. Imagine this power in YOUR hands.
  • Remove the guesswork.
  • Simple comma delimited format (CSV)
  • Set conditions on your file upload wagers.
  • Send bets now, or stack in queue to be sent later.
  • Continual conditional wager scanning. AmWager doesnt just scan once when a track reaches MTP. We make sure your bet gets in the way you want it. Can your current ADW do that?
  • More features enhancements coming soon! Stay on the edge of innovation with AmWager.
Full file upload instructions:

The amwager File Upload module allows players to upload multiple bets contained within a ‘CSV’ file. Players have the option to ‘Bet Now’ where bets will be placed directly on the Tote or ‘Stack’ where wagers will be stacked on the “Stacked” queue. In order to do this, a CSV file must be created using the structure outlined in this document.

YOUR REFERENCETextYour own reference code for this wager
USERIDTextYour username (email)
RACEDATEDate (Format: YYYYMMDD)Today’s date. Ensure’s correct file is being uploaded.
TRACK COUNTRY CODETextMay specify country code of the track. System currently ignores this value.
TRACK CODE2 LettersFirst two characters of the standard 3 digit CHRIMS code: http://chrims.com/TRACodes/Eventcodes
TRACK 3rd CHARSingle LetterThird character of the standard 3 digit CHRIMS code: http://chrims.com/TRACodes/Eventcodes
POOL CODE2-3 Character pool code.Please use the following pool codes:
WIN, PLC, SHW, EX, QU, OMN,TRI, TRL, SPR, PEN, DBL, PK3, PK4, PK5, PK6, PK7, PK8, PK9, P10, P11, P12
BET MODIFIERBOX or KEYBOXType of modifier to apply to wager. Leave blank for straight and wheel wagers.
RACE NUMBERNumberRace number of the race that the pool starts in.
RUNNERSComma / Slash Seperated runner list.I.E. 1/2/2,3,4 for a TRI Bet. (, seperates runners in same leg / seperates legs)
CURRENCYUSDSystem currently ignores this value.
AMOUNTDecimalBase amount you wish to wager.
NOTESTextAny notes you wish to add. System currently ignores this value.
CONDITION TYPEMTP or MTP||ODDSSee A Note on Conditional Wagering
CONDITION VALUEMTP or MTP| key runner / combo | odds conditionsSee A Note on Conditiona
About Runners:

If you wish to upload a wager on multiple runners, you must wrap your selection in double quotes (“). This is to separate your selections from the rest of your wager. For example,

  • A TRI wager might be “1/2/3” or “1/2,3/3”
  • A SPR wager might be “1/5,3/2/9”
  • A WIN wager might be “1,2,3,4”
  • A PK3 wager might be “1,2,9/2,3/1,2,3,4,5,6”
About Bet Modifier Options:

The file upload module supports boxing and keyboxing a wager.


A boxed wager should be supplied as if it were a single leg wager, there should be only one ‘leg’ I.E.,

Boxed EXA could be “1,2”
Boxed TRI could be “1,2,3”
Boxed SPR could be “1,2,3,4”

A keybox wager should be supplied in two legs. Please note, only single key keyboxing is supported by the platform. I.E.,

Keyboxed EX could be “3/2”
Keyboxed TRI could be “3/2,4”
Keyboxed SPR could be “3/2,4,5

A Note on Track 3rd Character.

Due to changes in the CHRIMS codes standardizing 3 digit codes, this character is now required instead of being optional. Please see CHRIMS for all possible codes: https://portal.chrims.com/TRACodes/Eventcodes

A Note On Conditional Wagering:

When creating bets via the file upload module you have the option of placing a condition on the wager. The wager will only be placed on the tote when this condition has been met. The file upload module supports two types of conditional wagering
MTP Only : Enter the condition type ‘MTP’ and the condition value of the MTP at which you wish you bet to be placed on the tote. AmWager will send your wager to tote as soon as the specified MTP is reached. I.E.,

mybet001,joebloggs,20101216,USA,AQ,D,WIN,,2,1,USD,1,my comments,MTP,5

Odds based : By using an odds based condition you have the option of executing a wager at or under a specific MTP only if certain conditions based on the Odds of your chosen pool are met. AmWager will continually scan the wagers to see if your condtions have been met. If at any point the condition is TRUE and at or under the specified MTP your wager will be sent to Tote. You can use this condition on any bet type.

To specify an odds condition you must specify the following :

condition type : MTP|the pool you wish to use for odds|ODDS

You can choose either WIN, EXA, QNL, or DBL for the odds you want your conditions based on. For example you could condition your Trifecta bet based on the Win or Exacta odds or your Exacta bet on Win odds etc. Obviously the pool must be available for you to use it as a condition, bets with conditions on pools not available for the given race will be rejected.

For WIN based conditions you should use decimal odds (see below for a Fractional to Decimal conversion table). For EXA, QNL or DBL you should use $2 probable payoffs.

Condition value : the mtp you wish the bet to get sent | the key combo / runner for odds | less than and/or greater than conditions.

The first value should be the MTP you want the bet to get sent at if the odds based conditions are met. The second value is the key runner or combination you want to base the odds conditions on. For example for a Win based odds condition this would be the runner number of the horse you want to use for the condition. For an exacta , quinella, or daily double it would be a combination you want to base the condition on. Please note only single combinations are supported. The third value should be the actual conditions you wish to place on the bet, this can be a greater or less than condition. You can combine greater and less than conditions.

To specify a greater than condition follow this format :

>decimal odds. e.g >4.5 would be execute the wager if the decimal odds are equal to or greater than 4.5 at the given MTP.

To specify a less than condition follow this format :

less than 4.5 at the given MTP

To combine conditions separate with a semicolon, e.g <4.5;>1 would be equal to or greater than 1 and less than or equal to 4.5

mybet001,joebloggs,20101216,USA,AQ,D,WIN,,2,1,USD,1,my comments,MTP|WIN|ODDS,5|1| >20;<40

To place a conditional wager, you must “Stack” your bets when uploading a file.

Fractional To Decimal Odds Conversion

For odds based conditions you must use decimal and not fractional odds for conditioning your bet. You can convert from fractional odds to decimal by adding 1. I.E.
5/2 = (5 / 2) 1 = 3.5

5/2 fractional equals 3.5 decimal

How to Build a File

To construct a file you can either use a text editor, Microsoft Excel, or any other program allowing .csv file type export.
The following illustration uses Microsoft Excel.

1) Start Microsoft Excel. (A file created in Excel will automatically generate the quotes and it is not necessary to manually enter quotes)

2) Populate the spreadsheet with the fields listed on the previous page, as per the following example. (Note: you must ensure the fields are in the correct columns)

3) Select “Other Formats” within the “Save As” sub-menu by clicking on the on the top-left corner of the screen.

4) Choose the folder/location you want to save the file to.

Type in a file name into the ‘File name:’ box.
Select “CSV (Comma delimited)” in the ‘Save as type:’ drop down selection box.
Click the ‘Save’ button.

5) Now that you have your file ready for upload on the AmWager website go to https://aws-wp-amwager.azurewebsites.net in your browser and log into the website. Go to the ‘File Upload’ page by clicking on “File Upload” on the main menu.

File Upload CSV

6) Click on the ‘Browse…’ button and select the file you just created. Click ‘Open’.

7) Select between ‘Stack All Wagers’ and ‘Place All Wagers’ for all the wagers in your upload file. Click on ‘Upload.

8) Successful wagers will now appear in your bet tabs. If you selected “Stack all wagers”, your wagers will appear in the Stacked Tab (“click Stacked Bets”). If you selected “Bet Now” your wagers will appear in the Active Tab (“click Active Bets”).