October 15th – Thrilling Picks Select Picks


Friday October 15

The early races at Belmont Friday look destined to produce chalky outcomes. Below are our selections that can be used to build multi-race wagers (doubles, PICK3/4/5). These horses fit custom models we built for today’s unique races.


#2, 3, 5

Don’t get seduced into singling the heavy favorite #2 Corkman. Favorites always have lost this race type, forced to settle for 2nd place. #5 Flight To Paradise has the earnings advantage, an important attribute found in past winners, the best contender to over-take the favorite.

#1/1A , 6, 7, 9

The significant attributes we found to produce winners for this race type in the past have been: Turf Earnings, E2 pace.



#2B Malibu Luna has the best E2 pace, found in 50% of past winners for this race type, it should be best of the chalk.  Including the duo #1/1A is understandable.



#9 OHTWOOHTHREEFIVE , has the advantage for speed, turf earnings, horses beat. These attributes match 40% of past winners for this race type. Singling here saves budget, allowing us to go wider in other legs. If it loses. So be it, our cost is controlled.


#3, 6, 8

Both trainers of the debut runners #8 and #6, Rudy Rodriguez and Todd Pletcher, have similar win rates with debut fillies, between 20-25%. Their owners also have similar success rates, they make smart investments with their fillies. We will include both #8 Slow Crossing and #6 No More Mischief along with the obvious # 3 Next Tuesday (who has the speed and turf earnings advantages).

$0.50 PICK 5 # 2,3,5 / 1,6,7,9 / 2 / 9 / 3,6,8

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