Monmouth Park

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Monmouth Park

Monmouth Park is a horse-racing track in Oceanport, New Jersey, United States. It opened in 1870, at Oceanport Ave.

History of Monmouth Park

1870 – An American race track for thoroughbred horse racing in Oceanport, New Jersey, United States, just three miles from Long Branch, opened on July 30, 1870, owned by the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, operated under a five-year lease as a partnership with Darby Development, LLC. The innovative ideas of New York businessman John F. Chamberlain, New Jersey Senate President Amos Robbins, and Adams Express Company President John Hoey produced this racetrack. Monmouth Park has been a Shore tradition since 1870, and three buildings have carried the name Monmouth Park in the last 139 years.

1873 – It was called the “Newmarket of America”, as it became a famous racecourse in England. However, hardships forced the track to close three years after the first Monmouth Park was opened.

1878 – The track was purchased by George L. Lorillard, David D. Withers, George P. Wetmore, and James Gordon Bennett. They restored the grounds and rebuilt the grandstand for four years (1878-1882).

1882 – Monmouth Park then resumed horse racing in 1882.

1890 –Monmouth Park’s overwhelming popularity resulted in a new racecourse that stood adjacent to the existing track, and in 1890 the second Monmouth Park was opened. 

1891 – Problems surfaced again when the Monmouth Park meet was moved to Jerome Park and Morris Park while state legislation tried to suppress pari-mutuel wagering. 

1894 – Wagering on horses was legally banned on March 21, 1894, resulting in its shutdown. Moreover, the Township Committee at Eatontown, New Jersey, commanded the confiscation and sale of the Monmouth Park Association’s grandstand and other property to pay back taxes in May. It was sold on May 7 at a public auction. 

1946 – After 53-year hiatus, the track was reopened for the third time on June 19, 1946, under the new leadership of Haskell, Philip H. Iselin, Reeve Schley, Joseph M. Roebling, Townsend B. Martin, John MacDonald, and James Cox Brady, with a new name Monmouth Park Jockey Club.

1986 – The New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority bought Monmouth Park, and many historic, century-old stakes races were reinstated. The Monmouth Cup, inaugurated in 1884, was renamed the Philip H. Iselin Handicap.

2010 Monmouth Park announced in March about their shortened summer meet, having only 50 days of live racing (from 141) for the 2010 meeting. 

2011 – A five-year lease was signed with Morris Bailey to provide a marketing partnership between the casino and the racetrack. 

2013 – Monmouth Park opened the Bluegrass Miniature Golf Course near the Port-au-Peck Ave. entrance on April 2013.

2016 – The luxury restaurant Blu Grotto, named after the Blue Grotto sea cave on the Italian island of Capri, opened in July 2016 at Monmouth Park. 

2017 – The Beer Garden at Blu Grotto opened.

2018 – The Monmouth Park Sports Book by William Hill sportsbook opened on June 14, 2018. It became the first to offer sports betting in New Jersey.

TV and Film Appearances

The 1984 film classic The Pope of Greenwich Village; In a 1986 episode of The Equalizer TV series entitled “Tip on a Sure Thing.”; Law & Order filmed an episode entitled “Sport of Kings” in 2005; The 2010 film The Bounty Hunter starring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler; and An episode of Impractical Jokers.

Track Details and Other Facilities

Track Details

    • It measures one mile (1.6 km).
    • Chutes for 6 furlongs and 1¼ mile races. 
  • 🐎Turf Course
    • Seven furlongs in circumference.
    • A diagonal chute between 1 mile (1.6 km) and 1⅛ miles. 
    • Turf races can be run along the hedge or with the portable rail out 12 feet (dubbed the “Haskell Course”), 24 feet (“Monmouth Course”), or 36 feet (“Lennox Course”).
    • A re-design of the grass course for the 2006 season brought with it a new, second chute to accommodate 5-1/2 furlong sprint races.

Other Facilities

  • 🐎The Wolf Hill Farm
    • Served Monmouth Park as a private stable and practice facility.
    • It is located adjacent to and immediately west of the main complex.
  • 🐎Stable Area
    • It is located directly to the north of the backstretch of the main track
    • It contains a total of forty barns and stables:
      • 12 in the north in the New Jersey Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line (connected by its service and access road) 
      • 28 on the main complex


  • 🐎Blu Grotto Ristorante
    • It is open year-round and is located near the racetrack’s quarter-pole on the grounds of Monmouth Park.
    • Features an all-glass conservatory dining room and three large decks.
    • It is open for indoor or outdoor casual fine dining every Wednesday to Sunday.
  • 🐎Beer Garden of Blu Grotto
    • It is open to the public from Friday through Sunday but depends on the weather as it is outside.
    • Open Hours:
      • Thursday – 4:00 pm to closing.
      • Friday to Sunday – 1:00 pm to closing.
    • Seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Coolers and any outside beverages or food are strictly prohibited.
    • Smoking is prohibited in the Beer Garden.
    • Free onsite parking
  • 🐎The Summer Wind
    • Outdoor trackside dining.
    • It is located outside the 1st floor of the Clubhouse.
    • It is open every race day.
    • It costs $35 for adults, $25 for ages 6-12, and free for kids five and under.
    • It doesn’t accept reservations, only walk-ups.
  • 🐎Dining Club & Salvator Grille
    • It is a climate-controlled tiered dining room.
    •  It offers private televisions on each table and over two dozen on the surrounding walls and pillars.
    • It is located on the third floor of the Clubhouse with an impressive tiered view of the track.
    • It is required to wear proper attire.
    • It is open on all live racing days.
  • 🐎Lady’s Secret Cafe & Paddock Bar
    • It is located outside the Clubhouse.
    • It offers umbrella 
    • Inside the Lady’s Secret Cafe is the Paddock Bar.  
      • It features a climate-control room with indoor seating and 20 flat-screen TVs.
    • Open Hours: 
      • Fridays/Mondays: 1:00 pm to end of racing.
      • Weekends: 11:00 am to the end of racing.


  • 🐎Monmouth Burger
    • It is inside first-floor Grandstand, north end.
  • 🐎The Winner’s Circle 
    • It is inside the first-floor of Grandstand.
  • 🐎Boardwalk Eats 
    • Situated outside the north end of the grandstand at the entrance to the picnic area.
  • 🐎Local Craft & Derby Dogs 
    • It is inside the first floor of the Grandstand.
  • 🐎Local Smoke Bbq 
    • It is inside the first-floor of the Grandstand.
  • 🐎Strollo’s Lighthouse 
    • It is at the First Floor of the Grandstand.
  • 🐎Trifecta 1-2-4 
    • It is at the First Floor of the Clubhouse.
  • 🐎Max’s Famous Hot Dogs
    • It is adjacent to the walking ring.


  • 🐎Top of The Stretch Bar 
    • It is in the Picnic Area.
  • 🐎Dead Heat 
    • It is located inside the first-floor of the Grandstand.
  • 🐎Silver Bullet Bar 
    • It is inside the first-floor of the Grandstand.
    • It is a full-service bar.
  • 🐎1/8th Pole Bacardi Bar 
    • Situated next to Boardwalk Eats.
  • 🐎Photo Finish 
    • It is located inside first-floor of the Grandstand.
  • 🐎Lady’s Secret Bar 
    • Situated outside the first-floor Clubhouse, adjacent to the walking ring.
    • It is a Full-service bar 
    • It is open from 1:00 pm to the end of racing every Friday/Monday. Open from 11:00 am to the end of racing every weekend.
    • All guests who will purchase alcohol are required to present a valid photo ID with every transaction. 
  • 🐎Finish Line Bar
    • It is situated inside first-floor of the Grandstand at the south end.
  • 🐎Patio Terrace Teletheater Bar
    • Situated on the first-floor of the Clubhouse, inside Patio Terrace Teletheater.
    • It is open from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm on race days.
    • All guests who will purchase alcohol are required to present a valid photo ID with every transaction.  
  • 🐎Caesars Sports Bar
    • It is inside the first-floor of the Grandstand.
    • It is for seated dining customers only.
    • Guests must be seated by the host.
    • The cost for the minimum purchase of table service is $25.
    • All guests who will purchase alcohol are required to present a valid photo ID with every transaction. 
    • Open Hours:
      • Monday-Wednesday: noon to 7:00 pm
        Thursday-Friday: 12:00 noon to 9:00 pm
        Saturday-Sunday: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Event Spaces

  • 🐎Reserved Picnic Area
    • It is home to outdoor seating with over 100 umbrella tables.
    • Kids can play on the large playground.
    • Free Family Fun Day activities every Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, plus special event days that feature a bounce house, clowns, face painters, and pony rides. 
    • Picnic tables in the general public picnic area are available daily on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note tents are not allowed in the public picnic area.
    • Inclusions for hosting an event are admission, official track programs, and a souvenir pen. General parking is free.
  • 🐎Patio Terrace Roof
    • It measures 7500 square feet with a capacity of 20 to 200 guests.
    • An outdoor area that features a private bar, tellers, and televisions. 
    • It is ideal for cocktail events, family gatherings, corporate events, and large parties.
    • Inclusions for hosting an event are admission, official track programs, and a souvenir pen. General parking is free.
  • 🐎Turf Club
    • It measures 7500 square feet with a capacity of 20 to 250 guests.
    • It is Monmouth Park’s premier banquet room.
    • It features a private bar, personal tellers, wagering machines, and restrooms.
    • Inclusions for hosting an event are admission, official track programs, and a souvenir pen. General parking is free.
  • 🐎Rivalry Room

    • It measures 825 square feet with a capacity of 35 to 50 guests.
    • It was baptized after Monmouth Park’s most notorious rivalry, Alysheba and Bet Twice.
    • It is located on Clubhouse Level P2 below the Omnibus Box.
    • It offers a private buffet, bar, and an overview of the racetrack.
    • Inclusions for hosting an event are admission, official track programs, and a souvenir pen. General parking is free.
  • 🐎Omnibus
    • It measures 825 square feet with a capacity of 35 to 60 guests.
    • It is a corner penthouse suite located on the top floor of our Clubhouse.
    • It features aerial views of the finish line with a private buffet, multiple flat-screen televisions, and air conditioning. 
    • It gives access to an adjoining outdoor Parterre Box, including a private server.
    • Inclusions for hosting an event are admission, official track programs, and a souvenir pen. General parking is free.
  • 🐎Parterre Luxury Box
    • It measures 100 square feet with a capacity of 6-8 guests.
    • It costs $250 for the rental fee, a la carte menu, and additional platter options.
    • It is the first luxury suite built at a North American sporting facility. 
    • It is located on Parterre Levels 2 and 3.
    • Daily Parterre box rentals are available with inclusions of official racing programs and pens.
  • 🐎Parterre Luxury Suites
    • It measures 250 square feet with a capacity of 69-16 guests.
    • It costs $500 for the rental fee, and platter menu options are additional.
    • It is recommended for business meetings, family gatherings, or a Friday night cocktail party.

Race Schedule and Major Events & Races 

Monmouth Park Racing Schedule

  • 🐎Live Racing Schedule
    • First Race Weekends, Holiday Mondays @ 12:15 pm
    • First Race Opening Day, Fridays, August Mondays @ 2:00 pm.
    • Gates open at 9:00 am.

Monmouth Park Events

  • 🐎Breeders’ Cup World Championships
    • Monmouth Park hosted the Breeders’ Cup for the first time on October 26 and 27, 2007.

Graded Events

  • Grade I
      • 🐴Haskell Invitational Handicap
      • 🐴United Nations Stakes
  • Grade II
      • 🐴Monmouth Stakes
  • Grade III
      • 🐴Eatontown Handicap
      • 🐴Matchmaker Stakes
      • 🐴Molly Pitcher Stakes
      • 🐴Monmouth Oaks
      • 🐴Monmouth Cup Stakes
      • 🐴Oceanport Stakes
      • 🐴Philip H. Iselin Stakes
      • 🐴Salvator Mile Stakes

Ungraded Stakes

      • 🐴Blue Sparkler Stakes
      • 🐴Boiling Springs Stakes (Turf)
      • 🐴Cliff Hanger Stakes
      • 🐴Colleen Stakes
      • 🐴Dan Horn Stakes
      • 🐴Lady’s Secret Stakes
      • 🐴Long Branch Stakes
      • 🐴Longfellow Stakes
      • 🐴Miss Woodford Stakes
      • 🐴Jersey Derby
      • 🐴Jersey Shore Breeders’ Cup Stakes
      • 🐴Monmouth Beach Stakes

      • 🐴Lamplighter Stakes
      • 🐴Majestic Light Stakes
      • 🐴Regret Stakes
      • 🐴Mr. Prospector Stakes
      • 🐴Red Bank Stakes
      • 🐴Rumson Stakes
      • 🐴Sapling Stakes
      • 🐴Tyro Stakes
      • 🐴Violet Stakes
      • 🐴Wolf Hill Stakes

Location and Access to the Racecourse

  • It is located at 175 Oceanport Avenue, Oceanport, NJ 07757
  • Monmouth Park race track is accessible by car via NJ-36 with connections to the Garden State ParkwayI-195New Jersey Turnpike (I-95), and other highways and roads. 
  • Nj Transit Service To Monmouth Park
    • North Jersey Coast Line trains stop at Monmouth Park Station every live racing day.
  • Admission
    • General parking is FREE. 
    • General admission costs $6 
    • Valet parking is available on the Clubhouse side for $15.
  • Monmouth Park racetrack is accessible for handicaps
    • It is with handicapped parking spaces in all lots. 
    • Elevators are located in both the Grandstand and Clubhouse side for patrons.
    • Wheelchairs are available for “check-out” on a first-come, first-served basis from the Monmouth Park First Aid (basement level, Grandstand side near tunnel). 
  • Dress Code
    • In the grandstand, guests must wear shirts at all times.
    • In the Clubhouse, proper attire is required: no swimwear, sweats, tank tops, or abbreviated wear. 
    • There is a Country-Club Casual dress code in the Parterres. 
      • Dress jeans are permitted. 
      • For men, jackets are requested, and collared shirts are required. 
      • For ladies, appropriate dress is required. No sportswear (i.e., sweatpants, jogging suits, etc.), shorts, tank tops, abbreviated wear, sneakers, or flip-flops will be permitted.


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Monmouth Park

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