Freehold Raceway

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Freehold Raceway

Freehold Raceway is a horse-racing track in Freehold Borough, New Jersey, United States. It opened in 1853, at Park Ave.

History of Freehold Raceway

1853 – Freehold Raceway was established in 1853, although horseraces have been taking place at Freehold Raceway since the 1830s. The actual formation of the Monmouth County Agriculture Society happened in 1853.

1888 – The Monmouth County Agriculture Society stopped running due to financial problems, and the track has been idle since then.

1896 to 1909 – The Freehold Driving Club was formed in 1896 and disbanded in 1909, and the Freehold Driving Association was organized and incorporated.

1921 – Interest in trotting met decreased, and Joseph Donahay purchased the track.

1936 –   Harry Gould purchased the track and, along with his wife and son, began repairing and improving the track, which reopened as the new Freehold Trotting Association on September 15, 1936.

1941 – Harry Gould said he was too much of a sportsman and did not wish to own the track if there was to be gambling and sold his shares. Freehold soon became the first pari-mutuel track in New Jersey.

1943 – The track was then sold again to Fred Fatzler. He ran the track until 1943, when racing was halted during World War II and resumed on July 22, 1944.

1960 – Fred Fatzler sold the Freehold Raceway to Harold and Bernard Sampson of Milwaukee.

1965 – It was purchased again by the Gibraltar Pari-Mutuel of Canada.

1967 – The racetrack was reconstructed to allow eight horses to start behind the starting gate instead of just six horses with two trailers as Freehold entered the modern racing age.

1984 –  The grandstand and dining room were devastated by an early evening fire caused by an electrical short in an odds board on May 4, 1984. Racing resumed under tents, featuring 19 nights of simulcast harness races from the Meadowlands on July 29, 1984, and racing concluded on September 30. In the same year, the Wilmot Family of Rochester, NY, bought the track and its attached acreage from Gibraltar Pari-Mutuel of Canada, specifically on December 31.

1986 – The new owner held a gala affair to mark the opening of the new Freehold Raceway facility on October 22, 1986.

1990 – Kenneth Fischer purchased the track again from Wilmorite, Inc. on September 25, 1990, and became the first harness horse owner to own the track in 30 years.

1999 – The racetrack was sold again to Pennwood Racing on January 29, 1999.  Pennwood is a partnership between Penn Gaming and Greenwood Racing. This racetrack is renowned today as the “Nation’s oldest and fastest daytime ½-mile harness racing track”.

2005 – Freehold was also the temporary home of the Yonkers Trot, part of the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Trotters, while renovations took place at Yonkers Raceway.

2008 – Freehold Raceway opens New Jersey’s third off-track wagering facility to the public.

Track Details and Other Facilities

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Race Schedule and Major Events & Races

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Freehold Raceway

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