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With the Breeders’ Cup on the horizon everyone is or should be looking for an edge in their handicapping and wagering strategies. There is more information out there today than ever before. It is easy to fall victim to information overload. Personally, I like all the information I can get but also realize less information gives almost an automatic edge to experienced players. I can and do deal with and embrace both scenarios.

With the Breeders’ Cup there will be no shortage of information. Everybody will be analyzing and re-analyzing the same information. Yes, we all interpret things differently and have angles and patterns we favor and look for. That said, for me, the most important tool, and the best way to get an edge is by utilizing replays. I love to watch replays of races and videos of workouts, even gallops when I can. I choose to trust my own eyes more than anything when it comes to betting money on horse races.

I have written about this on Past the Wire and done podcasts and videos on it before. Watching replays and taking good notes is not as easy as it sounds and believe it or not a lot of people get it wrong, or to go milder, don’t get as much benefit from it as they could. Doing it right goes a bit against our inherent nature.

Most people will instinctively watch the horse they bet on. Some will watch the horse on the lead. Others will be drawn to the horse making a move or being called by the track announcer. That’s great and it all helps. If that is all you do however, how will you sot the horse the charters missed or omitted that was bottled up between horses all dressed up with no place to go? If said horse never got a call and wasn’t on your ticket odds are you will never know.

Watching replays is a learned art. You have to watch the race more than once. You have to watch the horses other people aren’t. You have to take and keep good notes. I also prefer watching after the adrenaline and excitement from wagering dies down. That will cloud your judgement and take away from your objectivity.

If you learn the art of watching replays, I am confident it will lead you to some hits and scores you would not have made from analyzing information alone. Replays are a valuable tool and I believe the best way to get an edge.

During the Saratoga Today show we did daily on Past the Wire TV every day of the Spa meet we talked about Dutching. The Breeders’ Cup is a great opportunity to try Dutching and I’ll explain why. You will have some big fields, and some nice prices. In a case where you like two or three horses to win, but don’t like the multi race sequence, or adequate coverage exceeds your budget, Dutching could be a solution. Maybe you don’t like the exactas, triples or superfectas. The Dutching calculator on AmWager will let you enter your budget, the horses you think can win, the amount you’d like to win if you are indeed right, and then tell you how much to wager on each horse. An interesting and underused form of wagering.

Replay work takes a lot of time. We have been at it for the Breeders’ Cup for weeks now. If you want our thoughts check out the best Breeders’ Cup seminar in the game. Live, interactive, everything covered and includes a replay if you miss the live version or want to listen and or watch again. We’ll have analysis, selections, wagering strategies, ticket structure, even out of competition testing ramifications. You won’t want to miss this Breeders’ Cup seminar!

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There really is no shortcut to having your best chance on these big days. One surefire advantage is to come prepared. That in and of itself is an edge. There will be a lot of people in party mode, socializing, unprepared, the dog ate their homework, and what I call play or recreational money. You can have an edge on all of them. Does that guarantee a win? No, of course not but it absolutely increases your chances and odds. We’ll be prepared. I’ll be prepared. Let’s make it count.


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Jon Stettin

Since childhood, Jon has always had a deep love and respect for the Sport of Kings. His years of experience have earned him a well respected spot in the industry as a handicapper. He now is a frequent contributor to AmWager as well as writing for his own site.

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