Is Online Betting Legal & Safe?

With the advent of digital technologies over the last 30 years, human beings have migrated towards digital platforms to perform everyday activities. From listening to music, watching a movie, making a hotel reservation, and even work, the possibilities are endless!

This has translated to betting platforms. Nowadays, there are countless online wagering platforms where you can bet on horse racing, for example. But many people still steer away from making bets online.

The two main concerns for betting enthusiasts are the legality and the safety of online wagering platforms. Although these are valid concerns due to the many horror stories of fraudulent online betting, many myths surround the subject that make betting enthusiasts walk away from online betting. 

Up next, we’ll go over some of them and try to dispel them completely!

Is It Legal?

Yes and no. While it is legal, it’s not something that applies to every state, and some only accept physical betting. Up next is a list of states where betting is legal:

  • Oregon. (Legal online)
  • Nevada. (Legal online)
  • Montana.
  • Colorado. (Legal online)
  • New Mexico.
  • Iowa. (Legal online)
  • Illinois. (Legal online)
  • Indiana. (Legal online)
  • Michigan. (Legal online)
  • New Hampshire. (Legal online)
  • Rhode Island. (Legal online)
  • New York.
  • Pennsylvania. (Legal online)
  • New Jersey. (Legal online)
  • Virginia. (Legal online)
  • West Virginia. (Legal online)
  • Delaware.
  • Tennessee. (Legal online).

As you can see, many states have already legalized online wagering and, with more states in the process of doing so. It’s safe to say that online betting’s popularity is going nowhere!

Is It Safe?

Betting online can be safe if you’re doing it with a credible and trustworthy online wagering agency. The bottom line is that online bets are the same as any online purchase, so conduct yourself with the same precautions you take when purchasing goods online!

Safe Online Legal Betting with AmWager!

Online wagering is a convenient way to place bets on horse racing anywhere you are. With certain modern characteristics some platforms offer, this just seems like a no-brainer for horse racing fans!

But if you’re looking for the best, AmWager has got you covered in spades with an intuitive user interface and real-time bets that will make you feel like you were at the track! Don’t wait any longer and bet with the safest, smartest, and most popular online wagering platform!


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