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Thousands of horseplayers prefer AmWager vs. BetAmerica. We asked players who have bet with both online betting sites to rank each site’s performance in several categories. AmWager outranked BetAmerica in every single one. Check out the results from the survey and see why horseplayers, just like you, are making the switch from BetAmerica to AmWager.

Ease of Use

The AmWager platform was designed by horseplayers with ease and efficiency in mind. Streamline your betting experience with less scrolling, fewer clicks, and no need to open multiple windows or tabs. Everything you need to analyze the race data and place a wager is right where you need it.

Speed of Updates

While we did win against every other ADW in terms of speed, we still found the results a bit disappointing. AmWager is focused on squeezing every millisecond possible out of our modern technology. We were surprised we only outranked other ADWs by a small margin, knowing AmWager consistently updates odds and other data 30-60 seconds faster. We challenge you to compare them side by side. In the meantime, we will continue to make the fastest even faster.


AmWager offers a robust set of useful features that is second to none. Built-in tools and features make it easy to analyze race data and apply proven strategies for constructing the smartest wager. Learn more about AmWager features such as TRUOdds, Dutching, and ABC wagering.

Customer Support

A dedicated team of AmWager experts is available seven days a week by phone and email. In addition to providing support, our team also welcomes feedback and suggestions from our customers. Many AmWager features began as ideas from bettors just like you.


Unlike other betting sites that use complicated systems of points and wagering credits to reward their customers, AmWager offers cash rewards that are deposited every morning for your previous day’s activity. We believe that these are your rewards, and you should choose how you spend them. Even better, your rewards rate will increase the more you bet, and you will earn more with silver, gold, platinum, and titanium level rewards.


AmWager consistently runs signup promotions offering bonuses between $100 and $500 to new customers. Use the special promo code only found on this page, TWINSPIRES, to let us know you are making the switch and receive a First Deposit Match up to $250. After taking advantage of the First Deposit Match Bonus, enjoy promos such as Win Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, random giveaways, and more.


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Why Clients Like You Made the Switch


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The results shown above are based on a public survey conducted by AmWager on 12/2020. Scores are limited to survey takers that indicated having used both online sites. AmWager did not modify the scores in any fashion.