Fair Value Exacta Grid

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Fair Value Exacta Grid

AmWager’s built in fair value exacta calculator allows you to quickly see exacta bets that have been over bet or under bet based on the win pool. This help’s smart players maximize their handicapping to find value and increase their return on investment.

In the most simple form, green highlighted combinations have been under bet and will pay more than they should based on win odds. Red highlighted fields have been over bet and will not pay as much as they are worth based on win odds.

The exact calculation and mechanic’s are based on the industry recognized standard method developed originally by Dick Mitchell. The fair value exacta formula is “BetAmount” times (“WinOddsOnFirstHorse” times (“WinOddsOnSecondRunner” plus 1). Once we have the fair value we then highlight any combination that is over 25% different from actual payout. I.E. If the 1/2 exacta is paying $100 but the fair value calculation is $126 we will highlight it red as it has bad value.

As you can see, when combined with your handicapping this gives you one more tool to help make the most of your wagers and help maximize your return on investment.

AmWager is committed to providing players every possible tool they can use to become smarter bettor’s. The fair value grid is another way to help put value in your bets.