Wager Queue

Basic Features

Advanced Features

AmWager allows players to queue (stack) their bets for future wagering. The AmWager wagering queue is the most feature rich wagering queue in existence. It is structured to give you the best online wagering experience possible.

In the simplest form the wagering stack allows you to create bets and decide later if you really want to submit them or not.

If you want to get a little more in-depth our wagering stack allows you to do conditional wagering as well. Read more about our conditional wagering system here.

Bet Stack Features:
  • Queue wagers for later.
  • View total number and cost of tickets for the whole stack, per event or per race.
  • Stacked BetsExpand and shrink each section to view the exact detail you want.
  • View details of each wager including runner names.
  • Repeat wagers directly from stack.
  • Remove all wagers in stack, on a track, in a specific race or just a single wager.
  • Submit all stacked tickets, all tickets at a track, in a specific race or just a single wager.
  • Set up condtional wagers. Make them as simple or as complex as you like.